One Audiobook: $12
Palm Reading for Magicians: $10

ALL 12: $62

If you dont have the time to read the book, Paul makes it easy for you!

Welcome to "Voodini Audiobooks"

You can get each one of this audiobooks just for $12 or all 12 for $62!

List of options:

Pure Q&A 
 Reader of Minds
  Affinity: Cold Reading's 3rd Way 
 3 Invisible Keys to Wonder
Cathy Shadows: Doing it For Real 
 The Paranormal Entertainer 
 Pet Readings for Mind-Readers
  Eyes of the Seer  
It's a Ghost! 
  A Lightning Rod to the Spirit 
 Psychic Show Cancelled Due to Unforeseen Circumstances  
How to be a Successful Medium

After your purchase I will contact you so I can know which audiobook I need to send you (I am not that good!) 

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